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Prevent Contamination Using Residential Hvac Systems in Louisville Kentucky

Air duct cleaning performed by residential HVAC systems refer to the cleaning of heating and cooling system components, which include the diff users and grilles, the supply and return air ducts and registers, condensate drip pans, the cooling coils and heat exchangers, fan motor, and fan housing.

These are the very components that may become contaminated with pollen, dust or any other debris if Residential HVAC Systems Louisville KY are not correctly installed it would ultimately result in a costly breakdown and health problems too. It gets even worse when moisture is present as it may potentially result in mold that is detrimental to the inhabitants of the building.

The primary solution to avoiding any problems would be to prevent air duct contamination. To prevent costly duct cleaning, you need to follow certain procedures such as:

  • Routine preventative maintenance on all HVAC units that involves changing the filters, cleaning coils, etc.
  • While renovating your building, ensure that all ductwork are sealed to prevent dust from going into the HVAC system.
  • Ensure all air intakes are situated away from the contaminant sources.
  • Consider regular inspection on the ductwork. NADCA (The National Air Duct Cleaning Association) recommends that all HVAC units be inspected for cleanliness regularly at said intervals.

No doubt, new ductwork somehow always contain oil and debris.

When Should You Hire a Duct Cleaning Company to Clean Your HVAC System?

Before you contemplate hiring an air duct cleaner company in Louisville KY, ensure you answer yes to the questions stated below:

  • Have you observed any contaminants in the ductwork?
  • Has the quantity or type of contaminants been confirmed and was it based on tests or mere observation?
  • Would you say that the contaminants can enter occupied spaces?
  • Have you positively identified the source of the contaminant
  • What control measures have been put in place?
  • Will the duct cleaning procedure you opt for effectively neutralize and remove the contaminants?
  • Have you thought about other options like removing the affected ducts?
  • Is duct cleaning the final solution or are there other alternatives?

In all instances, cleaning the ducts should only be done after the source of the said contamination has been identified and control measures were put in place. Or, else the problem won’t go away. The water source needs to be identified, or the cleaning efforts will only be a temporary measure.

Be sure to remember that duct cleaning should only be opted for by hiring reputed cleaners once all other measures have been exhausted.

Residential HVAC companies recommend that air duct cleaning should be undertaken once a proper evaluation of the system has been carried out and the contaminant source has been positively identified.

Preventative measures must be taken concerning dirt, water as well as stopping all other contaminants from entering the ductwork by implementing proper housekeeping practices and ensure air intakes are properly installed in the right location.

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