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It’s Time to Organize Your Closet

If you buy a lot of clothes, have tons of shoes or have bulky sports equipment to stow away, your closet may need an overhaul. Home Advisor has a website that provides tips on what to consider before you start a closet system installation.

Things to Consider Before you Start

Most people think of the bedroom closet when they are considering closet systems to put things in order. However, you might want to start with something more mundane, such as the kitchen pantry, basement storage room, home office or laundry room. Which room needs the most help and will have the biggest impact on the whole family?

Time to Clean Up

While a closet system will solve a lot of storage challenges, it is a good idea to go through your closet and discard any items that you no longer wear or use. Marie Kondo, who wrote “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” offered some advice to effectively unload unneeded items. She said to keep thing that spark joy in your life and get rid of the rest.

Types of Organizational Tools

There are many tools that help organize your messy spaces, including:

  • Shelves
  • Baskets
  • Cabinets
  • Hanging Storage

Home Advisor provides recommendations for many home improvement categories, including closet organization. It can be a great resource if you are looking into having a closet system installed in the Fayetteville, GA. Simply enter closet systems installed Fayetteville GA in the search criteria.

Styles of Closet Organizational Systems

There are many varieties of closet systems that are worth considering. About Home breaks out the main categories and provides vendor recommendations for each.

California Closets provide walk-in closet installation that can be customized for any space. They add a feel of luxury by offering hardwood and other high-end materials.

Do-it-yourself closet systems offer the most versatility, but also require more work on your part. However, with this system, you can pick and choose the types of organizers that best fit your wardrobe.

The tract closet system is a good option for those on a tight budget. It won’t look as polished as a high-end California closet, but it is very easy to install. It has a variety of options for storing clothes and shoes. Track systems are quite versatile and work for walk-in and smaller reach-in closets. They can also be installed directly on an open wall.

After the Project is Finished

Investing in hangers that all match is an easy way to keep the finished closet neat and cohesive. Bustle notes that this may seem like a small thing, but mismatched hangers will wreck the good work you did in investing in a closet system. Throw out all the hangers that aren’t the same style and made of the same material. Even if you have different colored hangers, the continuity will be noticeable and help keep your closet looking great.

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