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How to Use a Knife Sharpening Machine

These days, our homes, especially our kitchens, are filled with tools and accessories that can make our lives easier, by helping us save time, money and effort. The knife sharpening machine is one of these tools. If you own one, you probably already know how easy it is to maintain the blades sharp and efficient.

You would love to work with sharp blades that are freshly stropped, but you are not sure how to use a knife sharpening machine? Then this article will clarify things for you and will make you understand how your cooking experience can easily change.

First of all, it is important to know why you should use a knife sharpener.

Why use a knife sharpening machine?

Why use a knife sharpener when you can simply throw the knife away and buy another one? But what if your collection of knives is expensive? Will you afford to buy new knives every few months? Even if you will, do you think that it is a smart move?

Knife sharpening machines are devices that can help anyone save a lot of money and keep using their favorite knives. More than that, they give one the ability to sharpen the blades according to their requirements and obtain the perfect edge for their needs.

As you probably know, different types of meat can be cut better and more beautifully with knives that are especially designed for a food category. Also, bread knives are different than the meat, fish or vegetable cutting knives. This is the main reason why one should enjoy the flexibility that a knife sharpener offers.

The thing with sharpening machines is that they help you sharpen the knives faster and more efficiently; they are versatile and can be used for many purposes. For example, if you own utility knives or tools that have blades, you can also sharpen those with a sharpening machine. Actually, some of the modern sharpening tools are designed to be compatible with such tools and come with special accessories.

How to use a sharpening machine?

Knife sharpening machines look difficult to use, but in reality they aren’t. All you need to do when using one is to pay attention to the angle and the edge. As you do not want the machine to remove too much metal, you must only slide the knife through the sharpening slot a few times.

Most sharpening devices have more than one slot. They come with a coarse slot that is suitable for dull knives and a finer one that helps hone or strop the blade. Before buying such a machine, make sure that it is suitable for your knives. For example, if you mostly use ceramic knives, make sure that it is suitable for ceramic materials, not metal.

Because these devices are electric, you must start them from the on/off button. Clean your knives before sharpening them and then simply slide them through the right sharpening slot. Check the blade under natural light after a few slides to see if the blade is sharp enough.

Hone it using the fine slot after sharpening it. If sharpened regularly, a knife only has to be maintained, which means that you can use the less abrasive slot.

Follow these steps when using your knife sharpening machine and you will always have your knives ready for work.

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