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Caring for Trees with Diseases in Wharton, Nj

This article will discuss the best options in caring for trees with diseases in Wharton, N.J. It outlines one company in particular, Bartlett Tree Experts, which specializes in trees and diseases occurring in the local area.


Tree disease diagnosis in Wharton, N.J. comes with a variety of diseases common to the local area. Experts like Bartlett’s are trained with specializations in the different tree diseases that occur specifically in New Jersey. With this specialized knowledge and treatment options, they know exactly how to proceed with caring for these ill trees.


Bartlett has an integrated approach to diagnosing tree diseases and even insect management. Disease is caused often by microorganisms like a fungus or bacteria and environmental factors like air pollution, extreme temperatures, and drought. It is important to diagnose the problem accurately so that effective treatment can be applied.


Bartlett provides services such as insect and disease management, soil fertilization and care, plant diagnostics, drought services, as well as organic and naturally based tree care. They are certified in providing organic resolutions to tree problems and using green products to treat disease and insect infestation without harming the environment, humans, and pets.

Signs of Disease or Health Problems and Diagnosis

Health issues in plants or trees typically causes them to look unsightly. If the disease is not identified and treated correctly, the plant’s health will continue to deteriorate until it is completely lost. Improper treatment is just as bad for your trees as not treating them at all. Therefore, accurate diagnosis is critical for effective treatment of the disease or health problem at hand. That is why it is crucial to have arborists who are specialized in treating diseases common to your area and why Bartlett has so much success in treating these diseases in New Jersey.


Bartlett has an advanced laboratory where pest management services are supported to make sure insects and tree problems are accurately identified, diagnosed, and treated. In the lab, plant tissue is analyzed for diseases or disorders. Soil is also assessed at the lab to determine existence of pH level, nutrients, organic matter, density, and drainage. In this manner, Bartlett’s approach to diagnosis is advanced and accurate to provide the most effective treatment available to nurse your trees back to health.

Drought Services

An absence of moisture is the most common environmental factor that causes health problems in trees in a landscape. Drought diminishes a plant’s ability to produce food. It restricts the ability to take in nutrients, and it limits growth of the plant; therefore, it is difficult for them to recover from drought. Sometimes it takes several years to fully recover. This makes them more susceptible to pest problems such as boring insects as well as stem and root diseases. These secondary problems can lead to the decline of plants and trees alike.

In conclusion, it is best to seek the help of professionals when it comes to abnormalities in trees that may be signs of disease. Professionals have the tools and labs to assess the situation accurately and provide treatment options to save your trees and improve their health.

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